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Headquarters: Zurich/Switzerland

Become part of a small team and shape the future of our grandparents' and parents' lives.

What we do

In our vision of the future, more and more people will grow old in their own homes. To make this possible, we must change how we care for them. We believe the virtual care home will become the norm, so we are working on it today. 

The first building block for our vision is to bridge the digital divide between the digital world's possibilities and people that do not can or want to use a smartphone. In the last five years, we developed CARU care - a digital flatmate that provides access to digital services via voice.

"People want to grow old at home independently and actively.

Technology will be used to provide them with decentralized care. At the moment, we are therefore at the beginning of a massive transformation towards digital care.

CARU care is a state-of-the-art technology hardware-software platform to provide a reliable and simple interface between all stakeholders, enabling the digital care of the future." 

Susanne Dröscher & Thomas Helbling, Co-Founders of CARU

Who we are

CARU is a Swiss company that was founded in 2017 to bring peace of mind to our aging society. We are located in a beautiful area in the heart of Zurich. 

We are a small team and value a close community with weekly meetings and regular get-togethers.
Working at CARU is highly meaningful from day one. We provide a working environment where you can grow both personally and professionally.

Our products are CARU care ( - smart home care alarm system) and CARU air ( - CO2 monitor and "traffic light"). 

How we work

Our software engineers are part of a small distributed team of dedicated crafts(wo)men. We already have team members located in Switzerland, Austria, and Croatia.

Because of our small team size, we heavily rely on automation. We fully embrace continuous integration and strive to achieve continuous delivery for as many systems as possible.

We give our engineers the autonomy they need by letting them organize themselves during our four-week sprints. At the same time, we encourage techniques like (remote) pair programming and code reviews.

Our principles:
  • CARU care - The simplest, safest, and most delightful aging@home solution.
  • The end user is at the center of everything we do.
  • We drive innovation together with our partners.

How you can help

We seek someone to bring our continuous integration/delivery culture to the next level by owning the topic and coaching the other team members. In addition to offering guidance on test automation and practices, you will be working on our whole stack; from code running on embedded Linux to serverless code in the cloud. We would be stoked to receive your application if you are enthusiastic about testing and can identify yourself with our mission.

Skills we value the most (ordered by importance):
  1. Curiosity / Urge to learn
  2. Expertise in modern testing practices (CI/CD, TDD, BDD, … )
  3. Python expertise (or willingness to acquire)
  4. Comfortable working independently in a distributed/remote team
  5. Experience with testing embedded systems
  6. Experience with testing on AWS (or other cloud offerings)

Hard requirements:
  • Some of your workday overlaps with Central European Time (UTC+1)
  • Proficient in spoken and written English
  • Swiss work permit if you want to join us in Zürich

Let’s build the future of aging together!

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