Senior Shopify Theme Developer for Emerging eCommerce Tech

 Reign Marketing
 Tampa, Florida
 9 months ago

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

Hey there! Tony here, President of Reign Marketing.

We're looking to develop a brand new 3rd party Shopify theme with a significant twist on new tech to become the "theme store killer" and innovate ahead to solve every store owner’s need - an affordable and technologically advanced theme that is made custom tailored for them!

Our biggest need is a Senior Theme Developer to help us develop our new baby: Themeify! Hold back the balloons and applause - as we're still in our infancy stages. But we need the help of a talented dev to help us tackle this beautiful blank canvas and project we are looking to bring to life! Said Shopify Theme VET would have to truly knows the ins and outs of developing a badass Shopify theme from scratch. We aren't just adjusting some padding here.

In this project you'll be working with another developer to handle the rest as we aim to create the most innovative Shopify theme on the market.

We need someone to help us create this theme for 3rd party (Think like Debutify) so we can license it to store owners accordingly!

If this sounds like you - let's tango and see what we can cook up here...

(Boring) But Necessary Requirements

  • Online Store 2.0 experience

  • Ability to build Shopify themes from scratch

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly development

  • Fluent English

  • Strong communication skills

  • Ability to create highly flexible and composable Online Store 2.0 building blocks

  • Solid understanding of theme optimization

  • Python experience

  • High level of curiosity

  • Ability to think outside the box. We want to see you contribute to our innovation!

Please do not apply if you aren't fully capable of completing the scope at hand - it'll waste the time of both you and I...

BUT If this sounds like something you can tackle with confidence - start your cover letter with Themeify to get bumped up the stack and we'll begin to discuss things!

Compensation & Perks (the good stuff)
  • Competitive hourly rates for premium developer talent.

  • Massive room for growth and equity opportunities on the table. You are an early and pivotal team member.

  • Get to develop something that will be ahead of the curve for eCommerce.  Join us in innovation.

  • Become part of a long term meaningful project that can result in a full time opportunity with full benefits

Thanks for reading and we hope to find our perfect match soon :')

Can always hit me over at and look forward to connecting with some amazing talent soon.

Tony & the Themeify Team

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